You may be among those trying to ignore Social Media. You may believe that Social Media is comprised of teenagers communicating aimlessly about nothing. You may even be dabbling in Social Media. I suspect few expect the word “Twitter” to be deemed the most popular word in the English Language in 2009.

The recent designation of the word “Twitter” as the most popular word in the English language surely is an indication of what is, and what is to come.

The Global Language Monitor reported the results of its annual global survey which surprised some amidst all that was on the minds of English-speaking global citizens in 2009, that Twitter became the #1 word.

In addition, “Tweetup” and “Unfriend” were listed among the English Oxford Dictionary’s “words of the year”, voting the word “Unfriend” as “word of the year” in America.

What might these Social Media “word” trends mean to you and your business?

Words are always of interest for search engine, internet and social media marketing because they indicate how people are communicating on the internet and offline. It’s what we do to leverage these trends that will determine success.

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