Rumour has it that traditional PR firms are either tripping over themselves to tap into internet public relations and publicity, or bowing out of business altogether.  They are struggling to integrate SEO (search engine optimization) and web 2.0 into their publicity efforts, but the truth is, many are failing to do it well, even if they do manage to convince their clients to pay for it.  Only those that do deliver creative, innovative, forward-thinking internet-centric solutions will outshine their competition and capture the attention of the media and customers. 

Good friend and Publicity Pro Shannon Cherry is a former newscaster and now helps others “be heard” by the media and customers.  She definitely gets it.  She knows what writers, editors and publishers are looking for and combined with SEO, she helps her clients get incredible media coverage on and offline.

Let’s face it, search engines have changed the landscape of business marketing and promotion, affecting EVERY business or organization that cares about growing and reaching new audiences.  Web 2.0 takes it to an entirely new level, when done well. This is the beginning of a new era in PR. Businesses must rethink how they share and distribute information if they want to compete and win clicks and customers.

Web 2.0 and SEO for all!

It doesn’t matter any more whether you are a corporation, small business seeking capital or a not-for-profit on a shoestring budget.  Search engine optimized publicity is not only powerful, it is a smart, cost-effective method to reach targeted customers and media contacts, on any budget.

I was recently interviewed for an article highlighting how businesses are demanding more bang for the buck when it comes to public relations and publicity.  SEO and Web 2.0 may very well seperate the innovative from the archaic when it comes to public relations.  After all, if you are going to invest in PR and publicity, would you really want to intenionally exclude the most accessible and interactive audiences?  I certainly hope not!

Fact is, SEO Publicity will outperform stand-alone traditional methods every time.  If most professionals are the internet, why would you think the editors, publishers and writers that can put you in front of your target audiences wouldn’t be? 

I’d like to explore this topic much more…what are your thoughts?

8 thoughts on “Web 2.0 and SEO Publicity Deliver Results Businesses Demand

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  2. everybodysagenius

    I definitely agree that SEO is becoming a huge demand for marketers. I work as a Social Media Specialist in Omaha, NE and we are the only Ad and PR agency in the area that is currently offering this. Not only is SEO important for businesses Web sites, but it is important in press releases, which are now being hosted on company sites to provide more indexible content.

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  7. This is something I have been advocating for a long time.

    I run my own PR agency that specializes in SEO/SEM PR and the amount of times I’ve come across pig-headed PR professionals that call me “idiotic” for trying something new simply amazes me…

    With this kind of blind arrogance, no wonder the traditional PR industry is dying on its feet. Time to grow up or move on.

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