As I have been busily preparing to attend and speak at Web 2.0 in San Francisco, I have been visiting the event Facebook group and CrowdVine I grow increasingly excited about this opportunity to connect with the speakers, technologists, and other “geeks” in attendance. 

This event truly does attracts the amazing minds that will  build the technology, solutions and applications that will determine the direction the Internet will take. Essentially all that we do online to connect with one another (like this blog!) was created and will evolve at the hands of those in attendance at the Web 2.0 events.

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As I view the roster of speakers and presenters, I recognize some of the most innovative and respected minds in this space.

I realize that to some people a conference full of people who have built their careers and lives around the Internet may not be everyone’s cup of tea. But ,for some internet geeks (and we come in all varieties)  coming to an event like this can make you feel like a groupie following your favorite rock band. Except, it is the creativity, innovation and sheer genius that gets the attention, rather than individuals. One good idea sparks another, and so a new generation of the internet experience is born.

Even if you aren’t on top of the latest technologies that create Web 2.0 like blogs, podcasts, social media communities, etc. you probably use technologies created by these people every day. Heck, if you’re reading this blog, you are benefiting from the creative vision, technical prowess and marketing ability of these Web 2.0 junkies.

With representatives from around the world attending, the knowledge and creativity will be truly exhilerating to veterans and newbies alike!

Within the first few minutes at this event, my brain was fully engaged, racing to think about the next generation of how we will use the Internet, not just to socialize, conduct business or be a consumer, but to impact the world around us, one block, neighborhood, town, city, state, country at at time. Social responsibility, political awareness, government accountability and other topics that touch as individuals and as humans sharing the planet will drive the way we interact with one another.

Stay tuned as I share news and updates from this exciting event!

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