Does your website designer, developer or webmaster really understand SEO?

Truth is, most website designers and developers do not understand SEO very well at all.  They may not admit this to you, but most of them are brutally honest with me.  Over the past  decade or so, one thing has become crystal clear….many of even the most sophisticated national level advertising agencies, high level, award-winning web designers and even marketing firms do not implement the most basic of SEO best practices…most not out of dishonesty…but simply from lack of understanding and professional SEO experience.

It’s true, many will still sell SEO as part of their website design or maintenance without really even understanding how search engine optimization should impact their design, website architecture, programming and content…and most importantly, performance of the website after it goes live.

5 SEO Design Tips for Website Design and Web Development. What you MUST know about search engine design before you hire a website designer or even begin the website design process.

I can honestly tell you that many of our clients come to us after investing many tens of thousands of dollars on SEO with their website designers and developers without really understanding what it is they are (or more specifically NOT) getting for their search engine optimization and marketing investment.  When your web designer or programmer doesn’t have a good understanding of what SEO should do for your business, it WILL be difficult for them to build or redesign your website that will help you leverage search engines to achieve your business goals.

It is quite common for a CEO, CFO, company president to approach me or my NY SEO and Internet Marketing Firm looking for some validation or anlaysis of how well their website is performing on search engines.  Most already know they are not competing effectively online and simply need the objective analysis from a search engine marketing expert. Often they have already engaged an agency, website design firm or web development company to rebuild their new website and then suddenly realize that if they recreate what they already have, they will have invested a great deal of money, but not really improved their position on search engines, or ROI from their website investment.

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3 thoughts on “Website Designers and Developers Admit Not “really” Understanding SEO: 5 SEO Tips For Web Design and Redesign

  1. You might be right for some d/d’s but most have a pretty good idea of what works and what doesn’t!

  2. As a “small guy” I’m often surprised that the websites of many big online orgranizations don’t even use a simple h1 tag or that page titles, meta tags etc are the same for every page!

  3. My view is designer not except that its a designing part. You can say right that mostly designers does not understand SEO. they are not knowledge of internet marketing skills. that’s y they can not develop user friendly web sites.

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