SEO, the wildly used acronym for “search engine optimization”, has become one of those terms that has slightly different meaning to each person, depending on what they’ve heard, read and what they do.

SEO can mean the practice of optimization, and people are sometimes even called an SEO. Fortunately, all interpretations relate to search engine marketing in some way.

What is unfortunate however, is that most businesses really just don’t understand how SEO can and should be an active portion of your marketing plan.

Here are 3 things I think define TRUE SEO

1. SEO means actual optimization of the website…not just the meta data.

2. SEO should be targeted to help you find qualified prospects, not just random traffic.

3. SEO is an ongoing practice that requires continual maintenance and optimization, not just a one-time application of keywords.

…What does SEO mean to YOU?

3 thoughts on “What Does “SEO” Mean to You?

  1. What does SEO mean to me? It depends on who is uttering the dreaded acronym! If it is someone I don’t know, that doesn’t know what I do or who I am…I assume that SEO means they want to take my money and revise my meta tags! *laugh*

    If it’s you, I think it means being smart and savvy about what you have on your site, and where your presence is elsewhere on the internet that leads to your site.

    If it’s me, it means taking logical steps that come from a marketing background and are translated into a new media paradigm…but I only say it that way because I think big words make me sound smart.

    You say the same thing, but in a simple way – that’s why you are my SEO hero.

  2. SEO… It’s another tool in the marketing mix that MUST be mastered -or at least know when you should rely on a master to take care of it for you.

  3. To me ultimate objective of adopt SEO for a website is about getting “Quality Traffics” or “Targeted Traffics”. But they are many people always thought SEO is about just ranking.

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