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The Social Side of the Web is Vital to Integrated Marketing to Build Brand and Social InflunceHow social media influence impacts the brand


A recent study reveals that socially active consumers are more likely to be engaged in groups, creating spheres of influence invaluable to building a brand, marketing a product, service or idea. 

Internet Users Tend to Interact in Groups More Than Non-Internet Users

75% of all adult American adults are active in voluntary groups or organizations

80% of adult internet users are active in voluntary groups or organizations compared to 56% of non-internet users.

Social Media Users Tend to Be More Active in Groups

82% of social network users are active in groups or organizations
85% of Twitter users participate in groups

The Social Influence of Consumers Active in Groups

Studies demonstrate that consumers are more likely to be influenced by the recommendations and reviews of peers or strangers than an advertisement.

90% of Consumers trust recommendations from people they know

70% of Consumers trust recommendations by other consumers online

Source: Nielsen Company

The Social Side of the Internet Offers Rich Opportunity For Marketers

Social interaction has evolved far beyond social updates about what people ate, or broadcasts by advertisers. Social media has become a vital conduit between consumers and the brands, products, services and ideas they are loyal to. 

Social Influence Also Plays in to Organic Search Engine Performance

In 2010 Google, Yahoo and Bing began integratin social influence, and consumer reviews in organic search engine algorithms, influencing organic search engine results. 

Similar to the introduction of websites, SEO, and digital markeing, business owners and marketers inluding a social media strategy in their digital marketing strategy will dominate the competitive landscape, reach new customers, build brand awareness and enjoy the ROI from their efforts.

Social Media Marketing Strategy and deployment, including Social Media Optimization are powerful methods to promote the use of your brand in the conversation of social conversation of consumers.

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