Social Media Platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, etc. have delivered enough measurable success to early adopters to demonstrate that there is gold in them there tweets and updates. 

In fact, it appears nearly every business is jumping on the bandwagon in some capacity to create a social media account for their company, organization or themselves.

Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc are driving business to your competitors websites through updates, friends and followers.

How will you leverage Social Media Marketing to impact the bottom line in 2010?

The greatest weakness still appears in meaningful integration of social media into the marketing mix…for a return on the investment of time, resources and budget. ROI can be achieved, if you have a sound strategy and social media marketing methods and measurements in place.

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One thought on “Why Social Media Must be Part of the Integrated Marketing Mix in 2010

  1. Bill

    Just got your 4P’s of Social Media tweet, thought it was a blog post, which it wasn’t, which which is why I’m commenting here 🙂

    The R in ROI doesn’t stand for just Return anymore, it also represents Relationships. And though the 4 P’s of Marketing are still relevant they were born from an age that only knew traditional marketing methods and used legacy media. With new media, a more savvy and informed consumer, and more noise than ever in the marketplace it takes more than the 4 P’s to get noticed and to earn trust, because that’s what we’re all selling – trust. So many choices, so many options, when a consumer finally makes that decision to buy they are in essence saying, “I trust you to fulfill your promise and to give me what I’m looking for.” (whether that be a memorable vacation, a car, a delicious meal, a great experience)

    I see the new P’s as People (Listen to them), Provide (content, conversation, value), Promote (not just yourself but others as well), Personality (have one – businesses are not unlike individuals. We vote for the most interesting, dynamic and personable candidates), Principles (have them – short-term ill-gotten success are just that, short-lived), Passion (show it, always be passionate), Patience (we all know that Rome wasn’t built in a day), and Persistence (there are no get rich quick – lose weight fast schemes that work. Like everything else it takes time)

    Just some of my own thoughts – I liked your article

    @belliniseatery (formerly @highpeaksresort)

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