A “Share to Twitter” button on You Tube…now this is really getting exciting! 

You Tube  made this announcement just a few hours ago, and this is going to be big…really big!

If you are on Twitter  you already understand the viral nature of this social site. In case you haven’t already joined the  Twitter phenomenom (and if not, what are you waiting for?!)…Twitter has become one of the fastest growing social mediums to date. With businesses, organizations, bloggers, publishers and basically any individual with a topic to Tweet about pushing out multiple 140 character messages to the world every second of the day, the addition of video from You Tube is truly going to change the landscape of both Twitter and You Tube.

As a search engine marketer, I see tremendous opportunities growing for those proactive enough to be optimizing their video and Twitter accounts. But what does this mean to the average Twitter user or business?

When you “follow” you are basically a voyeur to everything those that you follow type in a given day. It could be as meaningless as a commentary on how slow the check in counter is as the airport, or as siginficant as a major software, product or feature release…like this one.

I found this tidbit on a news source I follow…and now I am writing about it to you. You will be thinking about what this means to you, your business and your clients. Every person that follows our perspective “tweets” is now witness to the topic…and then shares it to their followers…and the viral nature of social marketing does the rest!

A challenge for Social Marketing skeptics to dismiss for sure.

I believe this is indicative of how effectively organizations will leverage social media channels to further their mission, message, goals and profits.

What do you think?

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