Internet Retailer Brands 404 Error Pages, Making Them Functional, Fun and MemorableMeet Zappos Dog Dash

Zappos really knows how to extend the corporate culture through their brand on their website.

Recognized for their service and creative culture, no detail is too small when communicating with their customers. Even their 404 error page, you know that page that appears when what you’re looking for no longer exists on their website, presents customer service options while promoting brand in a fun and memorable manner.

The Dog Ate It!

Zappos makes what is typically a negative experience (not finding what you’re looking for on the website) fun and memorable by blaming the 404 error on Dash, the Daschund.

The error page features a photo of Dash, complete with a Zappos branded sweater, explaining why the error may have occured, offering additional search options, Phone and email contact.Zappos Uses Dash the dog on Their 404 Error Page to Make it Memorable

The 404 Error Page Is Artfully Converted From Problem to Opportunity

Forget about hum-drum error pages, in true Zappos style, this page creates a memorable experience that consumers are sure to remember along with direct access to site search, live online help with a Zappos representative or email access.Turn Lemons In To Lemonade

Lemons in to Lemonade

How Zappos manages their 404 error page an excellent example of how leveraging every part of the website can, and should, be optimized to extend the brand, create opportunity and turn lemons in to lemonade!

What do you think of Zappos’ approach?

How does your website handle errors and complaints?

Will this piece influence how you approach your website’s 404 pages?

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